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Whether you are new to Medicare, or are seeking a different Medicare Supplement plan, the maze of Medicare can be confusing.  

Margy Wenham Insurance Services takes pride in explaining complexities​ of Medicare in simple, understandable terms.  Margy also seeks to provide Medicare Supplement Plans at the Lowest Possible Rates and Deliver Excellent Customer Service.

Because rates can vary tremendously between Insurers the least expensive or “best buy” on a policy one year may not be the next.  Consequently, it is extremely wise to shop your plan annually and specifically in the month before your birthday.  In California, a Medicare Supplement insured has the right to change to the same plan level (or lower) without answering health history or underwriting questions.  In other words, a person can move from Company A’s active Plan F to Company B’s Plan F if they apply in the 30 days before or after their birthday.  This is what the insurance industry calls a Guarantee Issue under the “California Birthday Rule.” 


In addition to shopping your Medicare Supplement plan annually it is important to compare rates from as many carriers as possible.  Why?  If you purchased your policy directly with a carrier, you call them and they say you are paying the lowest rate possible, you’re not really shopping your policy.  That insurer will only tell you the best rates they have – not the best rates available on the open market.   Also, look beyond an agent that only represents one or two carriers.  It is best to contact an insurance broker that represents multiple insurance carriers and plans. 


Contact Margy Wenham Insurance Services when shopping your Medicare Supplement.  Margy Wenham represents most major Medicare Supplement insurance carrier doing business in California.  Be confident you are paying the lowest rate available by contacting Margy.  Why pay more than you must?

Medicare Supplement Plans.  Local Northern California Agent.  Medicare Advantage Plans.  Redding, California.  Medigap Insurance.

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Medicare Supplement Plans.  Local Northern California Agent.  Medicare Advantage Plans.  Redding, California.  Medigap Insurance